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Iyengar Yoga Studio

About Iyengar Yoga

Find Your Balance

Yoga is one of the oldest systems of personal development in the world. A yoga practice both relaxes and energizes the body and mind and brings vitality, flexibility, strength, concentration, self-confidence and mental calm. 

Iyengar yoga is named after B.K.S Iyengar and is one of the world's most practised methods of yoga.  It is characterised by the emphasis on precision and alignment.  Classes are carefully sequenced and students learn through a systematic programme of asana (posture). Teachers gradually introduce Pranayama (breath control) once students have a firm foundation of yoga practise. It is a practice suitable for everyone, regardless of levels of fitness.

Practicing yoga can help you overcome and prevent many stresses, strains, aches and pains. It promotes a firm foundation for health and well-being.

Further information on Iyengar Yoga is available on these official web sites:

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